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Rock/Metal Wallpapers and MP3 ringtones. Last updated on 3/1/2008 New ringtones added in the link section!!!

Group Founder: grgrth
Group Type: Public join
Members: 52
Category: Music > Rock & Pop

Topics (10)

go Aw y u nt (0) tamz20
go What is Grunge? (0) grgrth
go What is Hard rock? (0) grgrth
go What is Heavy Metal? (0) grgrth
go List of symphonic metal bands (0) grgrth
go List of black metal bands (0) grgrth
go List of heavy metal bands (0) grgrth
go Heavy metal subgenres (0) grgrth
go Heavy Metal Timeline (0) grgrth
go What Is Black Metal? (0) grgrth

Photos (68)

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Polls (4)

go Who got you into heavy music?
go Is Nu-Metal actually any good?
go Who is the most irritating band at the moment?
go Which Modern Band From List Is UK's Finest?

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